Touchscreen interface

The aim of the project was to design the UI for a KIOSK betting portal. This kiosk would be placed in betting shops. Where a user would be able to place a bet quickly from their betting account.


This is the view the user arrives when they are aiming to place a bet any sport that is available.

The main challenge was to place as much information on to the screen yet still allow an easy to user touch screen experience.

We took into account finger tip sizes to determine the minimum size for the buttons.

Tabs was incorporated to allow the user to filter the available matches.

Live Betting

The Live betting interface has a different view, this was kept dark as we found that 80% of our Live Betting users prefer a dark interface to avoid eye strain in darker environments.

Problems that occurred during the design of this section is the space that is needed to display a minimum of 8 games. We had tried to use a unified header however this did not help as there is a likelihood of different matches and even different sports having different betting types.

Match Detail

In this view there is a graphic representation of the sport with vital statistics regarding the match.

Bet Slip

This section is the most important part. The user will need an intuitive interface that does not differ too much from what they are already used to playing online.

The major difference is the possibility that the device which will be used is non scrolling and possibly resistance based (older tech) touch screen. This detail forced the use of “up and down” arrows to navigate in pages across the entire interface.